The Benefits of the Pour-over Coffee Method


Extremely popular in Japan, the pour-over coffee making method is becoming increasingly fashionable worldwide - it allows an extra degree of finesse and control over your coffee making.

There's an air about this style of coffee preparation, that totally fits with the western ideal of Japanese culture: the added ritual of life, and meticulous attention to detail and care of everyday things.


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The best thing about the pour-over method, other than the superbly flavorsome and nuanced brew that it creates, is that it lets you pour out the hot water onto your favorite grounds, slowly and mindfully. Its a bit like watering and tending to your plants. You can then enjoy the coffee as soon as you've finished - there's no need to leave it brewing.


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The first thing to do, is to wet the coffee grounds a little.

Gently pour just a tiny bit of hot water onto the grounds, then allow them to steep for 20-30 seconds. This allows the Co2 to escape. It also lets you zoom in and appreciate that first 'bloom' where the delicious-looking grounds rise up and bubble away. Then begins that careful, slow pour.


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The pour-over, or hand-pour method, is a very meditative way to make your coffee. The result is a cup that is similar to drip coffee, but deeper and more complex.



With the right equipment, you can control exactly the rate at which you pour the hot water onto the coffee grounds, ensuring your coffee is brewed just to your liking.


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September 19, 2017 by James J.
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