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Jomon Dogu Incense Stick Holder - Navy

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Inspired by the ancient art of Jomon pottery, this handmade green ceramic incense stick holder is an eye-catching yet practical decoration. The round, glazed porcelain features the embossed image of a traditional dogu figure with exaggerated features. Place an incense stick in the holder at the side or an incense cone pointed-side up in the middle of the plate so it can safely catch all of the ashes.
We love the intricately embossed Jomon dogu imagery on the incense stick holders. Dating back to 10,000 BC to 300 BC, Jomon dogu are small clay figurines that remain something of a mystery. These intriguing figures are seen as protective talismans, but are they goddesses or aliens? You decide.
MATERIALS Porcelain, brass
DIMENSIONS 8 x 8 x 1.5 cm
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