Top 10 Gifts

Our roundup of top gifts; exceptional presents to give to your friends, and loved ones, this coming holiday season.


HIBI - Matchstick Incense


HIBI Incense


HIBI's pocket-size matchstick incense can be taken anywhere; simply strike the self-igniting incense on the side of the pack, then place the lit incense stick on the provided heat-proof mat and enjoy 10 minutes of exquisite aroma. Perfect stocking fillers for those with a passion for interior fragrance.


Snow Peak - Titanium 300 Mug


Snow Peak Titanium 300 Mug

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Snow Peak's outdoor products are as rugged as the Japanese mountain from which the brand takes its name. Crafted from Titanium, this folding camping mug offers unparalleled performance whether you're hiking up a mountain, or kicking-back closer to home. This mug would make a great gift for somebody into outdoor gear.


Kinto - Travel Tumbler


Kinto Travel Tumbler

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Kinto have a knack when it comes to designing their items with ingenious hidden details. Take this flask for example, the brand gave it a cap that will stop ice cubes and hot drinks from pouring too quickly, ensuring comfortable drinking even when on the move. The stainless-steel, vacuum insulated construction will keep coffee warm down the the last sip. 


Daiyo - Rice-wax Candles


Daiyo Rice-wax Candles

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The master candle-makers at Daiyo have been handcrafting these rice-wax candles for generations. The all-natural candles emit a beautifully soft, bright light without excess dripping of wax. The cylindrical pack contains 20 traditional Japanese candles, each burning for around 40 minutes, making this a perfect gift for creating a relaxed atmosphere around the home.


Hayashi Kougei - Washi-paper Lanterns


Hayashi Kougei Lanterns

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 These convenient little LED washi paper lanterns from Hayashi Kougei are perfect for setting the mood. They can be hung, placed on your dining table, or even taken with you on walks. Designed by Ono Rina, the Maru Circle battery operated paper lanterns provides up to 100 hours of softly filtered-light - great gifts for brightening up your home office or studio.


Azmaya Brass Petit Forks


Azmaya Brass Petit Forks

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Azmaya are known in Japan for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Take this set of 5 miniature brass forks for example, the combination of the balanced weight of the brass and the fork's precision-crafted prongs, results in an effortlessly chic way to handle small appetisers such as olives, petits fours, soft cheeses and fruit.


Kinto - SCS Coffee Brewer Set


Kinto SCS Coffee Brewer Set

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In the precise world of coffee making, the pour-over method allows you exact control over the timing and amount of water used, resulting in a rich and deeply flavoursome brew. This pour-over coffee maker from Japanese brand Kinto features a solid walnut base, and Kinto’s own glass carafe coffee server. Complete with height-adjustable brass filter stand, this elegant pour-over set will add a touch of retro design to your kitchen.


HMM - Mugr


HMM Mugr

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HMM aim to inspire new creations and meaning with their designs. The soft, matte charcoal glaze of this handmade ceramic mug from the brand combines with its uniquely shaped walnut wooden handle. The result is a comforting, sensual feeling, making this a perfect gift for someone who loves a good cup of coffee.


Go Game Set


Go Game Set

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Go is a two-player game which has simple rules that can be learned very quickly but, as with chess and similar board games, complex strategies may be deployed by experienced players. This one will keep the family entertained for hours.


YStudioBrass & Walnut Pen Case


YStudio Brass Pen Case

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The minimalist beauty of YStudio's designs, allow the quality of the materials used to become apparent. The brass & walnut construction of this pen case lends it a look of refinement, providing a stylish home for your pens & pencils. Simply rotate the brass end to open the case. Over time the pen case will develop character; the wood will darken, and the brass will patinate adding layers of depth and charm to the piece.


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