Our top 10 gifts

Here is our roundup of top gifts; we've chosen things that will certainly make exceptional presents to give to your friends, and loved ones, this coming holiday season.


Toast Living - MU Espresso Cup & Saucer


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A poised yet playful sense chractiersizs the 'MU' range of tableware from Toast Living. Crafted from raw unglazed white porcelain, this espresso cup has a tactile wood-patterned finish, whilst the small rounded handle adds a chic touch to your coffee ritual. Complete with matching saucer.


YStudio - Brass Mechanical Pencil 


YStudio Brass Pencil

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YStudio believe in the weight of words; the simple time-honoured practise of picking up a pen and writing from the heart. The balanced weighty feel and sleek shape of their brass mechanical pencil, makes the task of writing all the more pleasurable. Its brass and copper construction is designed to wear with use, developing a charming patina over time.

Ystudio's writing tools make considered gifts for studious types, designers and devotees of stationery. The pencil comes complete with a handsome presentation box.


Tokyo Kodo - Lotus Du Japon Incense


Tokyo Kodo Lotus Du Japon

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Tokyo Kodo have combined the art of Japanese incense appreciation, with the enchantment of French perfume. Their collection of scents evoke the romance of Lavender fields in Provence, and the far reaches of the orient with Lotus Du Japon. Created from a blend of carefully selected floral oils and sandalwood, the sweet feminine scent of Lotus Du Japon will add an air of refinement to your home. The set of 65 incense sticks comes complete with a handmade ceramic incense holder, and fire-resistant mat.


10¹² Terra - Lid Vision Glass Terrarium


1012 Terra Lid Vision Terrarium

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The mini Lid Vision glass terrarium from Japanese brand 10¹² Terra, displays the roots of your cactus or succulent as it grows. 10¹² Terra was started by a creative duo based in Chiba, Japan. The name comes from the number of cells produced per day (10¹²) and the glass terrariums used for showcasing and collecting plants. The duo wanted to mirror the constant changes of life - showcasing and preserving each stage of development. With its shimmering, hand-hammered copper lid, this mini glass terrarium will make a stylish addition to your home or office.


AsemiHasami Cup

£29 - £34

Asemi - hasami cup yellow glaze

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By bringing together traditional Japanese ceramic techniques, along with contemporary design features, Asemi hope to keep things relevant in an ever-changing world. The vivid yellow glaze of this large cup, adds a stylish touch that will elevate your morning coffee routine.

The foot of this Hasami cup remains unglazed, allowing you to appreciate the incredibly smooth raw porcelain used in its construction. All Asemi's cups can stack together, no matter the size or style.


Azmaya Copper Tea Caddy

£84 - £118

Azmaya Copper Tea Caddy

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Azmaya's contemporary take on traditional tableware, has placed them at the forefront of Japan's prestigious high-end craft industry. Superb quality, understated designs are their hallmarks. This copper tea caddy from the brand is a fine example, with its simple rounded shape and minimalist features. Over time the copper's colour will deepen, developing unique character and charm. An airtight seal ensures its contents are kept fresh.

These versatile caddies also make excellent ways to store coffee beans whilst travelling, or spices, herbs and other dry foods.


Kinto - SCS Coffee Brewer Set


Kinto SCS Coffee Brewer Set

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In the precise world of coffee making, the pour-over method allows you exact control over the timing and amount of water used, resulting in a rich and deeply flavorsome brew. This pour-over coffee maker from Japanese brand Kinto features a solid walnut base, and Kinto’s own glass carafe coffee server. Complete with height-adjustable brass filter stand, this elegant pour-over set will add a touch of retro-chic to your kitchen.

This method of coffee brewing is perfect for those who like taking things slowly; mindfully pouring out the hot, steamy water onto your favourite coffee grounds - savouring the aroma and ritual of preparation.


Kinto - Cast Latte Cup


Kinto Cast Latte Cup

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Japanese coffee experts Kinto have crafted these elegant cafe latte cups from durable yet luxuriously thin heat-resistant glass. The latte cup's slightly curved rim enhances the flavour and mouth-feel of the coffee. The beautiful minimal form of the Cast Latte Cup, lets you fully enjoy the looks of your perfectly made cafe latte, alongside its delicious taste and aroma.


Azmaya - Bank Tray


Azmaya Bank Tray

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Azmaya's contemporary take on classic lifestyle objects, has brought them to the forefront of Japan's high-end craft industry. These small brass trays were originally used for handling cash and chequebooks in banks, but they make perfect valet trays to keep your daily accessories in - ready for when you need them. Handcrafted in a small workshop in Tokyo, the bank trays are created by a single craftsman using traditional metalworking techniques. The brass will develop unique character and charm through daily use.


YStudioBrass & Walnut Pen Case


YStudio Brass Pen Case

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The minimalist beauty of YStudio's designs, allow the quality of the materials used to become apparent. The brass & walnut construction of this pen case lends it a look of refinement, providing a stylish home for your pens & pencils. Simply rotate the brass end to open the case. Over time the pen case will develop character; the wood will darken, and the brass will patinate adding layers of depth and charm to the piece.

Whatever you choose to give as a gift this coming holiday season, we at zen minded wish you the best of luck with your choice.




November 05, 2018 by James J.
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